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World E-commerce Awards is an e-commerce competition with the ambition to become one of the largest e-commerce competitions in the world!

We aim to find, support, and connect the top e-commerce stores in the world. We are creating a platform for connecting, promoting, and showcasing the e-commerce surrounding the global scene through communication/PR, a competition, and more activities. We believe the world of e-commerce is on the rise and want to create one big community.

We are a team of e-commerce enthusiasts who want to support the e-commerce community and help customers to deliver products and services that fulfil the needs of their customers. Our team has deep knowledge of the industry and was tired of working for giants focusing only on budget and forgetting the primary mission of creating value for every single part of ecosystem and the community.

As founders of the World eCommerce Awards, we are proudly representing iERP.ai company:
iERP j.s.a.
Tolsteho 5, Bratislava 811 06
Slovakia, Europe Union

Company registration number: 52365042
VAT: SK2121003368


[email protected]